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When you look around at all of the wonderful ways to connect, belong and participate in our community, you may hear that there is a new faith-based organization that is poised to have a “real” impact:  C.R.E.A. of the Golden Isles.

C.R.E.A. is an acronym for Christian Real Estate Association: a gathering of professionals from our local real estate industry, including agents, lenders, appraisers, inspectors, real estate attorneys, property managers, and more.  The overarching goal of the gatherings is to encourage, celebrate, and equip people in our business to grow in their faith and reflect the light of Christ in their workplaces and homes.  We believe that by focusing “up” together, we can make a real difference in our community. 

In October of last year, Lynn Kennedy, a local agent, had a vision of the real estate community coming together in Christian fellowship.  She shared that dream with me at church one Sunday, and we gathered several other colleagues we thought might be like-minded to meet as a “small group” to pray about and discuss the idea.  Besides Lynn and myself, the original group included Lee Baxter, Valerie Sandow, Conrad Smith, Roger Varnadore, Phoebe Hoaster, Patti Hale, and several others.  This group has continued to meet once a week to seek Godly wisdom and provide leadership for organizing monthly industry-wide luncheons to encourage and equip Christian fellowship.  The idea was also proposed that those participating in CREA could not only be encouraged in their faith personally, but also share the light of Christ outwardly to our community through giving to local charitable organizations once a quarter.

The luncheons began in Januaryat St. Simons Community Church, with a kick-off presentation by Steve Temmer from Centered for Life, and CREA began to take off.  At the next monthly gathering held on February 8th, word had spread and nearly 100 real estate professionals gathered to hear local real estate agent Al Brown as the featured speaker.  Al shared his life’s journey and story of faith, and everyone in attendance was warmed by his genuineness and willingness to share.  The CREA vision for community impact through quarterly giving was also shared with good receptivity from the larger group.

Our faith is a shining light that impacts our lives at home, at work, and in our community. Our mission being to


A place to be professionally encouraged.  A place to connect.  A place to invite.  A place to work together to help others in need.  A place to see the love of Christ in action.


We acknowledge His blessings. We celebrate His love and what he is doing in our professional relationships and in our community.


We believe that Christ calls us to love those that we work with and through sharing resources and mentorship we may demonstrate the love of Christ.

For more information on our CREA Together giving project, Leadership program, and to RSVP for our monthly luncheons please visit: