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Sea Island vacationers and cottage owners come from all over the United States and the world to enjoy the 5 Diamond amenities at the Cloister Hotel, the beautiful Sea Island Beach and Beach Club and the famed Sea Island Golf Course and Avenue of the Oaks (see below).  

How many Cottages and Condos are on Sea Island?

There are approximately 560 Sea Island Cottages and 110 Ocean Forest Cottages and over 225 Townhomes, Villas and Suites on Sea-Island.   Many of Sea Island’s fine homes were built in the last century and need significant renovation.  Each year several are sold for tear down.  This past year we have seen several recently renovated homes come on the market, a few of which sold for a premium. The aging housing stock on Sea Island will continue to be an issue for new Sea Island buyers.

What drives pricing on Sea Island homes?

Location, View, and Condition.  To better understand trends in value - we categorize each property by its View: Ocean, Marsh/Lake and Interior; and divide Sea Island into three areas based on proximity to the Beach Club: 4th-18th St; 19th -36th St and 37th - 56th Street.  - In general, homes located closer to the ocean or marsh and closer to the Cloister and Beach club have higher values.

Who should we contact to learn more about Sea Island Real Estate?   

Page Aiken's team leverages experience and resources (including its own proprietary database of Sea Island cottage information)  and provides buyers the very best Sea Island market intelligence and acquisition strategy for identifying Sea Island values today.  Utilizing the extensive marketing resources of LUXVT and integrated agents throughout the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, the Aiken team provides the broadest exposure to potential buyers for every Sea Island home they represent. 

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